Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lush facemask and moisturiser - REVIEW

Lush is one of the most incredible cosmetic store around. I always buy bath bombs, face washes, shower gels etc. even though it can be on the pricey side, the products work so well and are such good quality. (No I'm not kidding). Plus a benefit of using lush is that NONE of the products are tested on animals in anyway which makes me very happy when I buy something.

These two products are ones that I have had for a while and that I will keep buying for god knows how long.

The first is the Imperialis. This is a moisturiser that I use every time I go to bed and sometimes before I put make up on as it can work as good base. This has lasted me for around 3-4 months already and I'm just over half way through (Guilty I did spill some when I dropped it whoops) as it only takes a little bit to go a long way. This moisturiser is good for dry, damaged skin and helps a lot with spots. My face has felt so much more clearer since I started using this. I think it works a lot better then a normal face wash. Also, it is good for travelling as Lush uses the small pots that do not leak so you can put them anywhere. There is not a overpowering smell although at first it can be very watery however after a minute or two it starts to sink into the skin and works perfectly.

 The next product that is my favourite is the cupcake face mask from lush. This face mask is a chocolate smell (ahhh!!) that is just heavenly and refreshing to the skin. It works with Rhassoul mud and Cocoa powder to give a deep cleanse to the skin and moisturise. It also has a tint of mint in which is strong in the smell of this product and it helps tone the skin to stop breakouts. I absolutely am crazy about this product and use it every time I have a bath (normally keeping it on for half an hour rather then 10-15 minutes but who cares, am I right!) This product does not last as long as the moisturiser does however I use it less then the Imperialis does so it still last a couple of months.

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Rebecca xx

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  1. Nice Review even so i'm not a girl and hardly know all these stuff :D but i do believe your point on these products.

  2. I'm currently looking for a good moisturiser! I think I'll be giving this one a go, Lush is such a fabulous brand! X

    "..and baby you're a boat.."-holiday boat trip fun over on-

    1. Defiantly, you should and ill check out your blog! xx

  3. Wonderful review, love this brand. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa