Thursday, 27 August 2015

How to stop being late all the time?!

It seems like being late is a problem for many people and in certain situations it's including me. I absolutely hate being late even if it is for one of the most simplest things ever e.g. shopping with a friend and I'm guessing many others hate it as well. One of the main reasons I think I am late most of the time is that I procrastinate (doing other things while your meant to be doing something more important e.g. using your phone while studying) and it is annoying but come on who doesn't do it like everyday (I may be doing it when writing this post shhhh).

I have found a few things that can help to stop people from being so late to everything.

1) Plan ahead. This might sound boring or too much effort however it would help a lot. Write down everything you have to do in that day and what times your going to do them. E.g wake up at 8 and go food shopping at 10. This helps you as you know you have to follow it so you do not run out of time and I think that if I followed something like that I would have to or the whole day would just fall apart. If you don't have a plan then you will have unrealistic estimates of time that your going to do everything in.

2) Bring something to do when waiting. Many people do not like getting to there destination early as there might not be anything to do in the mean time. I suggest you bring a magazine or a book which you could read while waiting or just go on social networking and listen to music. That is what does it for me. You could talk to a old friend etc. Just try and find something to do as it is compelling and will help you get there earlier then the expected time.

3) This might sound ridiculous however it makes sense. Never plan to get there on time. If you plan to get to the destination on time then you will always end up being late. This is because you think to yourself it will take only 15 minutes to get there but then you get in loads of red lights, forget your purse or you could take longer to do your make up. They're many things that can effect the time so plan to be everywhere 15 minutes earlier and that will help.

These points might help but lets face it, it will always be better to hit the snooze button on your alarm and stay in bed another hour so either get yo ass in gear or plan to do things a hour later as no one likes to meet with people that are late.

Hoped these 3 points helped you out or even a friend out.

Rebecca xx

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