Sunday, 23 August 2015

Anchors away!

This year I went on a cruise for two weeks (Cunard) which went to Greece, Turkey and Croatia. It was one of the best holidays I have been on as we got to see many of the historic sites and the culture that each town and country has to show, got to try many new foods including snails (they're actually really delicious) and got to meet new people.
These are some photos from the holiday.

 Firstly, we went from Heathrow to Venice which is where we got onto the boat. I wish we could have stayed here longer and explored but that was not possible as people were getting on and off and no one new was going off this day.

The next stop was to Zadar in Croatia. This was a beautiful place which had lots of old buildings and some ruins even though we didn't get to see many. We mostly went around shops, the beach and the town etc. This was because we booked a excursion however this was then cancelled as it was the last one of the day and the others was longer then they thought, meaning we got a shuttle bus out and went around ourselves for a while.

The next stop was Dubrovnik, Croatia. This is a incredible place and was one I wanted to visit mostly because I learnt about it in my Leisure and Tourism class before. Here we went on a excursion which was a tour of the Dubrovnik walls. It had amazing views and very cool places to fill up your water bottles. There were many shops here also and lots of cafes. I did buy a keychain from every place.

After was Rhodes which is the largest Greek island. It has lots of culture and a massive market with lots of stalls and restaurants to try new things and buy souvenirs or whatever you want. I ended up buying a dream catcher from here. We also went to the medieval city which was a site to see. During my time walking around I did see many boats which were offering boat tours etc. however we did not go on one.

We then went to Istanbul which is where we stayed over night so we actually got 2 days there. We did go on a excursion here which went from the Europe side to the Asia side. We went to many attractions e.g A mosque and the bridge that goes from one side to the other. I do recommend Istanbul if you are on a cruise ship. We also went to a hughstreet which is when I brought a keychain.

This is Marmaris in Turkey. We did not go on a excursion so we went around the the Grand Bazaar which is lots of shops. It was very busy there and I didn't buy anything. We also went around the town, along the beach and some more quiet smaller shops that were not as busy. Here there were cute motorbikes which I loved but I couldn't buy one. Also on the way walking there, there was a giant octopus which I thought was cool and lots of boats again as we was on a cruise so it was by the port.

Again, we did not have a excursion but in Iraklion, we got a taxi to the palace of Knossos which is the largest archaeological site on Crete. It was the Minoan palace. It didn't cost a lot to enter and it was a amazing site that I suggest you should go and see. It had amazing views and lots to see that hasn't been destroyed e.g the Throne room.
We didn't stay for long as the taxi service was from there and back which was ver useful and easy for tourists.

The last place we stopped off at was Athens in Greece. This was my favourite by far as I loved all the ruins and culture that was thrown together in the whole place. This was a excursion and we went right to the top. After this we drove about and saw the olympic stadium and many other sights that are worth seeing. For the last part of the tour we went to a popular hughstreet where you can buy anything, it has lots of souvenirs as it is where lots of tourists go. I got an Oreo milkshake and a detailed, professional painting of a building in Athens.

We did go past some other places and stop at other places however there was one that I did not go to and we was meant to stop at Mykonos but it was too windy to stop off at so we didn't. This was a amazing holiday and I recommend cruises for everyone who loves to travel.

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Rebecca xx

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