Sunday, 18 October 2015

Autumn favourites

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons and I am welcoming it in a very happy mood. Although the weather will start to get colder, I love the positives of it and everything that happens.

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Cosy nights with blankets
Blankets are on the top of the list for autumn essentials. Who doesn't like having a warm night watching movies in bed with as many blankets and pillows as possible or just looking at tumblr, listening to the rain with blankets wrapped around you? I defiantly love both.

In Autumn I love going into forest and seeing all the different colour leaves and them being crunchy and falling of the trees. I find the scenery so beautiful.  If you add dogs or a hedgehog into the pictures, it makes it even more amazing.

Hot chocolate

I am a person that is totally in love with hot chocolate. I never drink tea or coffee so in winter this is my main drink. I never drink it before autumn as the weather isn't cold enough or it just isn't the right time. I normally have a hot chocolate from cadburys or Wispa adding cream or marsh mellows and having it in my favourite mugs. I absolutely love drinking it by the fire and watching TV. Hot chocolates are a must for Autumn.


Jumpers are the main part of Autumn for me. If you know me, you know how much I LOVE jumpers and basically wear them as much as possible especially when doing college work. They are so cosy and warm. I love the colours and some typography some have on. At the moment I am loving a yellow jumper and a grey one (grey one is in my student shopping haul so go check that out). It is just the perfect time for jumpers matched with jeans or leggings and boots.


Everyone loves baking and autumn is around the right time to start I think. I'm not the best at cakes but I love baking cookies, shortbread, bread, pies etc. Imagine just sitting by the fire with a hot chocolate and homemade cookies. Also as Halloween is just around the corner, I would start making halloween cookies and halloween treats!


I love watching movies. In Autumn all great movies go on the TV especially halloween and even some christmas films have already been played. This is my favourite time of the year to just sit down and relax to watch a movie. A bonus is if it's raining outside, many would understand where I'm coming from.


JUMPERS! Who doesn't like wearing jumpers? They are warm, soft, big and cosy. I would wear them inside, outside, with anything. They are my top clothing item in Autumn and Winter. I love grey and yellow jumpers right now.

Christmas is coming!

Autumn is leading to the beginning of Christmas which I am overly excited for. The music, movies, food, decorations, winter wonderland!. Christmas is my favourite season (halloween following very close) and just by the word Autumn it makes me even more excited. However for now halloween is right up my street.

Rebecca xx
What is your favourite part of Autumn?

Friday, 16 October 2015

Homemade Wholemeal Bread!!

Baking is one of my favourite things even if I'm not the best at cakes or making it all look great. I'm more on the taste. One of the things I'm best at is bread. I have made it many times and again made it today so I thought I would show you the recipe and how to make it.

This wholemeal bread recipe I did find on the internet. The website called so if you want to, go check out their website and see all the amazing recipes they have. It is a very easy and quick recipe, especially good if you are a beginner.

Wholemeal bread flour (can use normal bread flour) - 500g
Butter - 15g
Salt (optional) - 1 1/2 or 2 tsps
Yeast - 7g or 1 sachet (any kind of easy bake/ dried yeast)
Water - 300ml with 100ml being boiling hot and 200ml being cold
Golden Caster sugar (optional) - 1tsp

1) Sift the flour into a large bowl adding the salt, sugar and yeast. (I didn't use sugar). Next rub in the butter and pour in the water making it into a nice dough.

2) Put a good amount of flour onto a surface and start kneading the dough. It may take about 10 minutes to get to a smooth and elastic consistency 

3) Put the dough into a bowl/your baking tray and cover to let it rise. Leave it like this for about 40 minutes with it doubling in size.

4) Preheat the oven at 230 degrees and bake for 15 minutes. 

5) Reduce heat to 200 degrees and cook for a further 20 minutes
6) Once taken out let it cool and put on a wire rack
7)Cut it into slices and put your favourite toppings on (I had butter and Pate YUM!)

Thank you for reading and if you liked this recipe try it out or comment below!
Rebecca xx

*This was not my own recipe

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Haul | Student shopping

On the 7th October, there was student shopping at a shopping centre near me. This meant for students, there was 10%, 20% or even 30% off everything in certain shops. And if you know me, I love a good bargain or any money off. This is everything I brought, however it is some of my most favourite items I got.

This is one of my most favourite things. It is the pink grapefruit hand cream from the Body Shop. I always get my hand creams from the body shop because they smell AMAZING and they make your hands so soft. It also is in a cute, little tube which easily can fit in handbags etc.

Elegant touch is one of my most favourite fake nail companies. It is such good quality and you can get so many different colours. I have only used them once before and previously, they were a matte blue colour but this time they are a light pink colour. However these nails do not last very long. Limit may be 10 days unless you keep glueing them on over and over. They also are expensive costing £6 but I think they are worth it. Also they look cute. I brought these from superdrug.
Both of these were from Forever 21. The first one is a burgundy colour which I love and find the writing on it so simple but love it at the same time. I also wanted a burgundy colour top so I decided to buy that one. I think it cost around £8 without the discount.
Also the next one is the most comfiest grey jumper you could imagine. It is so warm and cosy which is great for fall (and a hot chocolate). I cannot remember how much this cost.

I have always wanted a phone case from skinny dip as they are so cute and adorable. I did buy this from topshop and it was originally £12 however it only cost £9 which I find a great deal. I was tossing between a dinosaur one and a llama one but in the end I did go for the dinosaur as well because dinosaurs are cool... This phone case is such great quality and its for the iPhone 5c but I think you can also get it for the 6. 

When shopping I also got a massive pyjama shirt from Primark which I have wanted for a while and a couple other things. Overall, I love all these products and do recommend them.

Rebecca xx

*Not a paid presentation

Thursday, 1 October 2015

B. Makeup brush cleanser | REVIEW

Washing make up brushes is a must needed thing for every girl or boy who wears make up. When using a make up brush, it can get build up of oils from your skin, dirt etc. that you do not want on your face repeatedly every time you use them. Right?

This is the makeup brush cleanser made by which cleans and also conditions all make up brushes making them the best quality for also a cheap price as I do not want to spend a lot of money just in cleaning my make up brushes.
Costing £4.99 (Superdrug)

This product that I brought fairly recently is amazing. All you have to do is spray it a couple of times on the brush then wipe with tissue (I use kitchen roll) and it will get all the left over dirt and make up off putting it onto the tissue. It's as simple as that!

I absolutely love this product and defiantly recommend it if you are looking for one to buy.

Rebecca xx

*Not a paid promotion

What do you use to wash your make up brushes??