Sunday, 1 November 2015

Halloween | 2015

Halloween is my second favourite holiday of the year (of course christmas is first!). I love the movies, make up, pumpkin carving, anything to do with halloween. This year I went out with some friends and did my halloween make up as a half skull. This style I did get `from a youtuber called pollyanne b. I love her videos so you can go check her out. 

This was the face paint I did. A skull on half my face and my normal make up on the other. I loved this look finding it pretty rad. It was not that hard to do either. I did only use snazaroo face paint which may not be the best but mixing it will water well, it did give a good coverage and apart from the lips mainly, everything stayed on for a pretty long time. I did also use a setting spray which you can get from any local highstreet beauty store like superdrug or boots. 

Matching with this "skull" look. I matched it with a black turtle neck top, black jeans, black shoes and a grey hoodie (I do not own a black one). This outfit worked perfectly with it and gave it that deathly look that it needed. 

Also, for halloween I carved my pumpkins. Every year I carve one. The one on the right was going to be jack skeleton however I think it looked pretty cool without the teeth so thats what I did and I did the eyes a bit different so I changed it u. The one on the right is just a random one that I found on the internet which looked pretty sweet so I did it even though I made a mistake. 

Lastly I made some halloween shortbread where I printed faces into the mix before I put them in the oven. I did get any pictures as all the ones I made with faces have already been eaten.

What did you dress up for halloween?
Did you carve any pumpkins?