Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Q&A with Daizy!

So today I have a collab post with Daizy from BrightDreamerz and we have decided to do a Q&A with 5 questions about blogging and 5 random questions about us.

BrightDreamerz is a blog run by two girls named Daizy and Zya (not their real names). They have got a range of posts uploaded like baking, photography, travel, reviews and each has their own separate posts which they have done on their own and not together. Also the posts are have very interesting topics which I love. They always post something that will make you happy, inspiring and something to put a smile on your face.


Why is that the name of your blog?
Zya and I both made up a lot of names and in the end we combined two of her ideas and chose one of my ideas then did Ip Dip Doo to choose! Haha

Why did you start blogging?
I personally started blogging because i wanted to make people happy and if they were having a tough day they can come to our blog, read a post then feel instantly better.

Was there anyone that influenced you?
Zoella, Niomi Smart and Tanya Burr really influenced me to start blogging as i really enjoyed what they were writing and i thought it was really cool!

Any upcoming posts your thinking of?
I have a lot of new posts coming soon like reviews and something to do with Disney ;)

How do you come up with new posts?
New post ideas just come to me randomly! They happen so often i need to carry a notebook with me so i can write them all down

Favourite tv shows?
Recently i've just finished season 6 of PLL so i'm hooked to that also Once Upon A Time and finally the Bake Off cause who doesn't love cake?!

Any secret talents?
I'm quite good at writing and also photography my family say i have a good eye and apparently i'm a natural! (I don't know if they count as talents but they're the ones that popped into my head!)

Favourite animal?
I love pandas i think they're adorable!

Can you speak any other languages?
Sadly not fluently but i do know a bit of Spanish, French and Filipino but only bits and pieces

Do you have any hobbies?
I really enjoy karate which people are a bit shocked by when i say i do that as i don't come across as someone who would enjoy such a tough sport

Go check out there blog (link above) to see my answers to some questions they asked xx

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  1. I had so much fun writing this! Thank you xx